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What my clients say 

"Cristina is an amazing listener and coach. With her help I've been able to unlock my confidence and presence in business, and I've found myself making tremendous leaps in my communication style and leadership.

I don't think this growth would have been possible otherwise and I'm so thankful I get to work with her. I now feel ready to confidently move into my next career stage as an executive.


Without a doubt, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking coaching whether it be for personal or professional growth.”

Alexandra O. 

EMEA OPS Manager


"Right off the bat I can say Cristina is a rare find, our entire coaching program has delivered results from day 1 and it keeps on supporting me to navigate towards my goals.

Since starting to work together, I have made huge leaps forward in terms of assertiveness and driving forward my agenda, dealing with ambiguity and enabling my teams to do what they do best.


I attribute our successful collaboration to 3 key elements: her processes that deliver structure, her passion and energy for the field and her pragmatism to really make an impact together with you."

Theodor F.
Head of Goods


"I was coached by Cristina and I highly appreciated her talent to bring clarity and focus on my goals.

She has a friendly attitude, a positive way of thinking and she's always oriented toward finding solutions.


Her coaching sessions resulted in a considerable boost of confidence, stability in my approach to difficult projects and better time management.


I recommend Cristina as an experienced leadership coach and the one who can help you build good and long-lasting habits in your work. "

Elena D.

General Manager


"Cristina opened a lot of inner doors, shaped possibilities to be in new ways, from angles I was not yet seeing, offered me tools that we co-created and that were exactly what I needed to continue my journey. 

Her approached was perfectly suited, full of color, kinesthesia and visualization, future projections of ways of being.

She facilitated the awareness of lateral abilities and polished them like a true diamond cutter. I'm super grateful."

Andreea G. 

Senior Digital Manager

Universal McCann Romania

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