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Business coaching & mentoring

This might be for you, if: 

You are a business owner who wants to accelerate the growth of his business and hack the process. Maybe the growth slowed down or you feel stuck/not making so much progress anymore on your own

You want not only a business coach but a sparring partner, when it comes to problem-solving on topics like business growth or other meaningful organizational challenges (e.g. hiring people, driving performance, digital transformation, scaling your organization, marketing, sales...)

You want to get a strategic perspective on your business and you could use a trusted advisor that has already been on the journey you are facing now (of course if my background is relevant to where you are now)

You want an uncomfortable mirror to challenge the way you spend your time and make decisions for your company, while also unconditionally supporting your growth process


1:1 Coaching
(Executive, Leadership, Career)

I have clients from different countries and I do most of the coaching online (Zoom, Hangouts, Whatsapp), whatever platform works for you.

I offer a free online chemistry session of 1 h, where you get to experience coaching with me and we both clarify if we can effectively work together.

I usually recommend at least 6 sessions to make sure we achieve meaningful impact, with a 2 to 4 weeks frequency, but this depends a lot on your goals. Most of my clients work with me for 10-12 sessions. 

Coaching is all about your goals - creating awareness, finding new, empowering perspectives, moving you into action, and learning from everything. The impact of coaching shows up in change - that's the clearest evidence that coaching works.


You might be in one of the following situations:


You want to make a change and you don't feel ready for it (e.g. career change, other personal or professional transition)

You want to take your leadership to the next level, working on areas of development that you are aware of, or are signaled by feedback.

You want an upgrade/to achieve your goals or grow faster (e.g. business/organizational impact, leadership development)

You want more (e.g. clarity, productivity, balance, peace of mind, fulfillment) or less (e.g. anxiety, feeling stuck, procrastination)

Coaching is "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential". (ICF)

Team/Relationship Coaching

You might experience one of the following situations:

Maybe you experience poor, toxic, or ineffective communication patterns in your team (blame, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling).

Maybe the morale of your team is unproductive and not very optimistic.

Maybe you noticed conflict avoidance or poor conflict resolution.

Maybe you see opportunities for people to align and work together to solve a problem, rather than fight/blame each other

Team/Relationship coaching follows the client's agenda and the client here is the relationship. 

The team coaching process reveals the system to itself and empowers the relationship to use antidotes to behaviors that are not serving the relationship goals and to create agreements and co-responsibility for new behaviors.  


Vision and Strategy Design

Do you have a clear vision and strategy for your company? "Can you say what your strategy is in 35 words or less?" 

  • Get crystal clear on your vision

  • Shape your game plan to navigate towards it

  • Cascade vision and strategy in your organisation and align your goals accordingly

  • Inspire your people and align them for success

Accelerate Performance

Do you want to shift up your business & team performance in 2024?

  • Assess how you drive performance now

  • Design and implement performance management strategies or projects

  • Co-design goals with your leadership or functional teams

  • Drive a high performing team mindset/culture


Culture by Design

Are you ready to move from fuzzy corporate values to organizational behaviors crafted and brought to life, to increase performance and create the strongest competitive differentiator?

  • Assess what are the behaviors that are currently reinforced in your company

  • Design your ideal culture: Intentionally craft the way 'we do things around here', when it comes to individual work ethic, teamwork and how we treat clients, rather than let it be driven by strong characters and inertia 

  • Prioritise the change that must happen

  • Drive the change: build new behaviors and transform your organizational culture 

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