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The most valuable piece of feedback you might get as a leader

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

One idea that stayed with me about feedback is that the most valuable feedback one can get is by looking around and noticing what’s not right.

What I mean by that...

We tend to get frustrated with people in our teams for not delivering on time, while we don’t always keep our commitments, which in turn makes it more difficult to keep our people accountable.

This doesn't necessary need to be the loop, but hopefully you get my point and get curious about it.

Just a simple sequence like this allows the lack of trust and avoidance of accountability to flourish in our organization. Our behaviors as leaders have a huge impact in the way people read what's acceptable and what's important.

Another example: not showing up on time for meetings sends the message that it's acceptable not to respect the time of others.

If you cannot relate to these examples, because you are really good with reliability and holding people accountable, give this idea some space and reflect on the following:

What doesn’t feel right/what makes me unhappy/frustrated when it comes to how my team/organization functions?

How am I contributing to this through something I do directly or by not taking ownership/ addressing it?

Let’s connect

If you’re curious about what I discovered regarding my contribution to problems in my leadership roles or want to debrief your insights with me, I’m happy to chat about it.

Same if you’d like to have a meaningful conversation about the challenges you face with your team. I can partner with you wearing one of the two hats, the leadership one or the team coach one.

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